Flights Orlando

Florida the place for fun

There are so many holiday destinations in USA but Orlando and Florida are becoming increasingly popular especially because of presence of so many attractions, beach and theme parks. There are activities to keep everyone busy from every age bar. Disney World, Kennedy space Centre and Sea world present in there promises great fun and adventure with the presence of so many thrilling rides and amusing shows. There is around 40 million foot fall every year in this places and this graph keeps on increasing every year with growing popularity.

The main attractions of theme park are the thrilling and exciting rides it offers and most important and famous of all is rollercoaster. Rides like Incredible Hulk and Islands of Adventure at Universal studios live up to more than expectations with the speed of almost 70 mph and height of around 120 feet it creates an amazing impact on all the visitors and surprisingly it even has shocking speed of around 40 mph uphill and now that's surely going to make you wonder!

Seaworld has an amazing look over all with the theme of aqua and aquatic animals around in the ambience, it truly amuses in all sense and not to forget its rollercoaster ride. There is show called 'believe' which makes you wonder as to how whatever was displayed was possible and a show called 'time to music' by Prague National Symphony and while the show carries on killer whale are on display which is certainly unique and amusing for people of all age group.

Kennedy Space Centre is another place for amusement or to be more precise a very unique and a different kind of experience. It helps in giving all the visitors an outlook on how the life in space is and other stories of real life experience which astronauts truly experienced while on their space voyage. There are astronauts present there for exchanging views and answering your queries related to space while giving you information of their own space mission.

Florida is also not behind in any modes of entertainment and being home to Walt Disney World Resort it has four theme parks, two water parks and around twenty three theme hotels serving all kinds of delicacies and all kinds of taste buds. There are innumerable rides but the one which gives you an experience of riding through Himalaya is the best called Expedition Everest and the other exciting ride which opened up recently is Yeti.

The reasons behind the popularity of Florida and Orlando are not just theme parks but they cater to all kinds of people and even have serene and silent places like Everglades National Park in South-western Florida. It is a safe heaven for all the nature lovers and is home to endangered species like West- Indian Manatee, American Crocodile and Florida Panther.

It is worth going and experiencing the unique and different kind of high Florida has to offer to all its visitors and due to increase in popularity the flights to Orlando are on high demand and are available from almost all the world leading airports.